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There are plenty of house cleaning needs that you could have. Even if you’re not going to need our services on a weekly basis you may still have some specific need from time to time. We suggest that you put our number in a safe place in case you ever need our help. Since we are making suggestions, we want to take the liberty to make another one. Cleaning methods and how you like things cleaned can certainly vary from the way maybe your neighbor likes things done. Therefore for us, it’s very important to understand what you like, and what you’re looking for. As well as, things like how large a house you have and other details that could help us shape a service around your needs.

Because we have this need to know a little bit more about what you like or don’t like that first call is very important to us. You can rest assured that we are going to be treating your call with the same degree of importance and respect as we would the weekly call that we may get from a regular client. We want you to feel comfortable with us from that first moment. If you do decide to give us a call or contact us feel free to speak candidly about the services that you’re looking for. Again, this is something that is going to help us be able to help you and provide a better service.

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Or you can call us at (602) 617-9951.